Thursday, December 1, 2011

ORganization is the key

Holy Smokes, It is 3:00, I have no idea how that happened!!! I don't feel like I accomplished anything today, but I didn't take a nap, so I must have done something "right"?

I think I am finally getting everything organized with My Country Gourmet Home Business (I once again made things overly complicated). You know I am the file queen, so I was busy organizing my files (electronic and paper). I can't be the only one that refuses to trust the computer 100%.....If I am, I don't care and would prefer that you lie to me... There is just something about cracking open a notebook or calander and physically writing in it!!!
I have managed to help my neighbor Michelle with her new Driod ( I love mine and hers was a nightmare since it is newer than mine, but I think we got it)so now she can actually answer me when I text her..Like we don't already talk enough..HEHEHE But anyway, so I took care of that and got most of my files done (color coded too...Take that Jazmine!) I have a bushel and a half of apples on my kitchen table waiting to be made into applesauce, applebutter etc...(guess what you are all getting for Christmas..HA), so we will start on that tonight, since the boys PROMISED to help peel apples!! I updated my Crack (I Mean Twitter) account and FB, so I guess I really have done alot, just doesn't feel like it since most of it was done in front of my chair....Oh I vacuumed all the nasty hairballs off my floor as well ( don't tell my mom there were hairballs)
I actually think I will have some down time ( Yeah right, I have no idea what that is) and read a book later!!! MMMM a snuggie, a fire in the fireplace and Mary Janice Davidson.......Sounds like a date! Let me find some chocolate and it will be the best date I ever had!!!! ( no offence Hunny, but you don't normally have steamy sex & chocolate at the same time..HEHEHEHE)

On that note... I leave you with this