Thursday, August 23, 2012

It really has been too long....I missed all of you!

  Hello Everyone! So it has been awhile and I know I say this often ( What kind of friend are you..Keeping track like that!!!)..   but anyway, I make you a firm promise that I will be good and motivated from here on out... I would like to start out by thanking The SITS girls as they have been a godsend in helping me get motivated and figure out what the heck I am if you are not impressed with my blog, blame them...HEHEHE, NO DO NOT DO THAT..I am just kidding, they really are great!! OK so I am sure that you are all wondering what I have been up to these past few months and if you weren't, tough.... I'm gonna tell you anyway..
   SO here is the run down; I have been having some serious Fibro days so not a happy camper but I am powering through it and trying to get off some of the medication and do the natural thing. Please note this should greatly add to your enjoyment since my brain is working on less power than normal ( HA, like that is possible) So anyway, Fibro-Monkey shenanigans aside, life has been good and I have had some changes...I have made the change to a new company that I discovered when I was researching some of those more natural methods I was referring to a few moments ago. I am know a proud distributor for Young Living . I am so excited  to learn about how oils can really make life better for not just me but my whole family. So you can now all moan and groan and roll your eyes..but know that I will eventually get you, so..There, you've been warned.

 OK, you will hear enough about oils and the benefits of them in the coming weeks to make your ears bleed, so onward.      At home, or the asylum as we like to refer to our humble abode, we have officially entered the "testosterone zone".  Princess Jaz has been married off and we now have a wonderful sucker-in-law (oops, I meant son-in-law). So that leaves just me in a house of all things male. It seems to make several of my friends think I am even more crazy since this does not seem to bother me..meh, I roll with the punches.

On the Homeschool front, we are still rolling along. Dalton had now graduated and is still trying to discover what it is he wants to do..for now we would just be happy if he would get a job....Brendon is now a Junior and is far more motivated then his always they are resigned to making life as interesting as possible. Pray for me people..pray hard, as they test the boundaries of my sanity daily!! 
   I am working hard to stay blogging regularly and really build my companies and be able to work them full time. I am going to ask lot's of opinions along the way and for helping hands as well as a shoulder to cry on sometimes. I hope you all keep coming back to support me and bring a few friends. Let me know how I can support you as well! 
  These are some things I am thinking of adding to keep you all coming back ( as if my witty banter and good looks weren't enough for you), so let me know what you think and if you have suggestions. Recipe of the week, I will try new recipes and let you know the families opinion and pictures.. The Pinterest Interest I have discovered Pinterest, so whoo-boy, lookout! Online PartiesTo be held monthly with my fellow WAHM's..give me a shout if you want to participate. Book Reviews In case you wanted to know what was a great read and what to leave a the library! and of course GREAT EDUCATIONAL INFO on oils and how they can change your life...I will leave you all with this and I promise I will be back soon...