Thursday, December 1, 2011

ORganization is the key

Holy Smokes, It is 3:00, I have no idea how that happened!!! I don't feel like I accomplished anything today, but I didn't take a nap, so I must have done something "right"?

I think I am finally getting everything organized with My Country Gourmet Home Business (I once again made things overly complicated). You know I am the file queen, so I was busy organizing my files (electronic and paper). I can't be the only one that refuses to trust the computer 100%.....If I am, I don't care and would prefer that you lie to me... There is just something about cracking open a notebook or calander and physically writing in it!!!
I have managed to help my neighbor Michelle with her new Driod ( I love mine and hers was a nightmare since it is newer than mine, but I think we got it)so now she can actually answer me when I text her..Like we don't already talk enough..HEHEHE But anyway, so I took care of that and got most of my files done (color coded too...Take that Jazmine!) I have a bushel and a half of apples on my kitchen table waiting to be made into applesauce, applebutter etc...(guess what you are all getting for Christmas..HA), so we will start on that tonight, since the boys PROMISED to help peel apples!! I updated my Crack (I Mean Twitter) account and FB, so I guess I really have done alot, just doesn't feel like it since most of it was done in front of my chair....Oh I vacuumed all the nasty hairballs off my floor as well ( don't tell my mom there were hairballs)
I actually think I will have some down time ( Yeah right, I have no idea what that is) and read a book later!!! MMMM a snuggie, a fire in the fireplace and Mary Janice Davidson.......Sounds like a date! Let me find some chocolate and it will be the best date I ever had!!!! ( no offence Hunny, but you don't normally have steamy sex & chocolate at the same time..HEHEHEHE)

On that note... I leave you with this

Monday, November 28, 2011

Blog Blog Blog.....

Ok, so now I've really done it... I have created a blog just for the Country Home Gourmet business..It took me half the night, but I think it looks good. You will have to check it out and let me know what you think.

The site is

It showcases the website and the things I have going on in the business and I am hoping it will work while letting me blab on here about other things I am doing. Well please comment if you think I should change anything..until then I am going to rest my brain and I leave you with this...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy messed up months!!

OK, here we are again...Promises were made, promises were broken, you were neglected and I am eating my words like bad leftovers....Aaaahhh the guilt!! Once again I am so so sorry for not writing in so long...I have a million promises to make you, but we all know how that will turn out, so lets just take it one day at a time, shall we! Ok, so it has been a crazy messed up couple of months for me and there is much to report. So here is the short and sweet version;
First the great stuff....Jaz made management at TCBY and I am soooo proud of her!!!! You go BabyGirl...
Jay is working his butt off with school work (and mine for that matter) if you ever have the opportunity to take a class in public administration or have your fingernails removed...go for the me!!
The boys got haircuts..I know this seems trivial, but if you had seen them, you would know this was a major accomplisment...
Ok now on to some sad stuff....I have been having some major kinks in the health department (the cold weather and stress of the season have taken a toll) so I have made the decision to close up shop on Welcome Home Carolinas. That was a really hard thing to do, as I had been working sooo hard on it, but I think that was the issue!!! I am wanting to keep my direct sales biz with The country gourmet, but I am still doing some soul searching on that one...I will keep you posted.
So today I got roped into cleaning a house for someone (old people, lots of know how it is) and then I am going to help my hubby studdy one more time for his mid-terms and then I am hopefully off to IKEA Land and Kohls to use my awesome coupons before they expire!!
talk to everyone soon!!! Until then I leave you with this...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's been awhile

Well here we are again....I am ashamed and you are looking smug at the fact that I have fallen by the wayside again!!! It's ok, you can admit it, I know...I promised that I would be better about writing and I would keep you up to date and I have once again slacked BIG TIME... but what are you gonna do about it???? HAHA

OK, now that I am done with that...lets see whats new!
I'll start with today and work back; Jazmine texted to let me know she has been made manager at her TCBY (over in Blakeney if you feel you need to bug her)...We interviewed a family of 3 lovely young boys today for the possibility we will be watching them during the school year (the boys are looking forward to this)...Jason is taking an intro to Public Administration class and it is HORRIBLE!!!! I have never been soooo bored by a class in my life....We had to put a fire in the fireplace this week (at least no snow HEHEHE to all my PA Friends & Family) and lastly...I am getting ready for an open house for the business!!

Well I am sure there is more, but those of you who know me, know that I have virtually no short term memory left so this is what you get!

Well I am off to do the usual 25 things at once...meatloaf is in the oven, Onenote is open and I am working on the info for the confrence call I am doing tomorrow night, I am in the planning stages of Our next semesters school work (westward ho...HEHE) and I am helping Jay with his next on that note, I will leave you with this..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crazier than usual (& that's saying something!!)

OK ok, I am slime, I know it... I have neglected you for a few days (days, weeks...who's counting) I am so ashamed, but I promise NO MORE will you be forgotten!!! Ok cut the drama! I have been super busy (oops almost typed busty* don't I wish!) Before I get off on that tangent.. can you say ADD... I have been planning a Holiday event to help kick off the holiday season and benefit Breast Cancer Awareness ...Save the TaTa's ladies!! So if you are in the neighborhood (or feel like taking a drive) on October 15th to Matthews Community Center from 10-2 you can see me in person (no autographs please HAHA) and you can do some holiday shopping ( I know I feel like I should wash my mouth out with soap for even saying that.. it's not even Halloween for cripes sakes..but that is anoth tangent) and you can even explore some new career options... Best of all PRIZES
So ok, now that I am done shamelessly plugging my own business....afterall its my blog!! I have managed to do a few things around the house, we are decorated for fav. time of year...Oh nice.. My cable just went out and I have lost internet, phone and TV.. How special I HATE Time Werner cable!!!! OK well Before I get on a total rant.. Let me leave you with the picture for the day!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

It has been a PJ kinda day

OK, I will admit it, I have been a total slacker the past 3 days... As I speak I am already in my PJ's, and have been since 3:30, it is sooo sad!!
Mentally, I have been sooo busy, I would amaze you with the things I have accomplished... physically, not so much!!! Does that count??? Just to make myself feel better about this whole start of the week, let me give you a rundown of everything I accomplished mentally...with a few physical feats thrown in....Saturday- I slept till 9:30 (Jay was working overnight, so I hogged up the bed and slept pretty good) Once I got my butt outta bed, I gathered some books and went to The Book Lady (the most awesome used book store ever) I spent the next hour poking around for books I have not read (yes there are a few). Then the boys came in looking for me ( I actually forgot they were with me ( there goes this years mother of the year award! Oh well) They guilted me into getting them Taco Bell and then TCBY to visit Jazmine (her current place of employment, lets hope this ones a keeper!) By this point I was tired and it was raining, so we went home.... At this point I should mention that the boys had pooled thier funds and purchased Gears of War 3, so the rest of my evening was filled with the sounds of World War 3 in my living room!! I did what any have crazed mother would do, and took some tylanol and crawled in bed with several books and read myself into an oblivion.
Sunday- I woke up to MORE RAIN...uggghh not making it easy to get outta bed! I managed to get up and do a load of laundry, in doing so discovered why my children had stripped in the laundry room and went streaking through the house.....There was about 2 pounds of grass in my washing machine!!! So after a rousing game of "who did this", I declared war and made them clean up the laundry room.... The rest of the afternoon was filled with reading and stuffing my face.( My favorite activities)
Today- Today, should have ended before it started... More Rain (I think the pow wow this weekend had something to do with it!!!) I half heartedly cleaned my bathrooms & kitchen and then sat like a lump listening to the sounds of boys making rude noises while doing copywork!!! WHY oh WHY are boys sooooo nasty!! Thats what lead to the PJ's at 3:30... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day (without rain)......
Until then I leave you with the picture of the day!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Criss Cross Too much applesauce!!

I got up this morning with the intention of enjoying a relaxing, rain filled day! I don't know what the heck happened on the way to the kitchen at 7am, but here's how it went down....
I made a cup of tea...check
Started the boys on some lessons..Check
Threw a load of laundry in (Dalton finally removed his sheets..or they walked to the laundry room themselves to beg a cleaning??)..check
Walked to the kitchen counter and looked at the box (large box) that my neighbor so kindly gave me the other day. It is full of apples!!
Next thing I know there is a knife in my hand and I am boiling pint jars!!! Low and behold after several hours and one burned finger later...I have applesauce....ALOT of applesauce!!!!
Oh well, I guess tomorrow I will take some of it and make apple butter and maybe some applesauce bread....AGGG, someone stop me!!!

I have a terrible confession to know how some people get cabin fever..and people say "beware, the Ides of March" and stuff like that?? Well I suffer from "Feed them till thier fat" syndrome!!!
I hate to say "suffer", as I truly enjoy every minute of it, it is everyone else that suffers at my hands (my dough covered,sugar laden hands)
I tell myself that it is because I love to make people happy and food does that (well for most people)! But somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear a voice, faintly whispering, "If they are fat too, it's ok..Don't feel guilty that you ate that whole cake.. You made one for them too!!"
You see how sick that is??!!! Oh well, I guess I will leave that for another therapy session. For now I leave you with the picture of the day.. (oh by the way.. Digging the Sookie Novel

Apple Cinnamon Dog Training Bits - Hobby Farms

Apple Cinnamon Dog Training Bits - Hobby Farms

This is a really great recipe.. I actually used some applesauce instead of the apples and water and just eyeballed the amount. Try it and you will never by treats again!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is almost here!

When I got up this morning and blearily looked out my kitchen window, while making my morning cup of tea, I saw them..... 6 Red leaves on my oak tree!!!! I got sooooo excited, I almost added salt instead of sugar to my tea!! Fall is approaching and I am so happy. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. Cool days, cooler nights, Apples ( got a big box on my counter and will be making applesaucce and pie filling tomorrow)Pumpkins!! Who could not love a time of year when God paints everything so pretty and allows us to have weather that dictates Jeans & flip flops ( no more shaving every day for shorts!! Hooray)
As a matter of fact, my day turned out pretty good..considering how crummy Sunday and Monday were ( oh let me tell you about the house I cleaned...EEEWWWWW!!!) I am working on the planning for an event in October that benefits the Breast cancer society, I have apples right from the trees, I organized my pictures, organized Jay's emails (they were driving me crazy) and didn't kill anyone when I went to Wal-mart!! Not bad for a tuesday. OH, I almost forgot the BEST PART..... I got the new Sookie Stackhouse Companion book at Wal-mart ( Yes Ladies, I am an extream fan of Sookie and recommend you give her a try, you will never be the same!! I also have a great affection for Betsy the Vampire Queen!! Love ya MJD)
Well I have cleaned up from dinner and it is movie night here at the Todd Household, so I will talk to everyone tomorrow... Tonight I have a movie to watch and a late night date with Sookie!! I leave you with the picture of the day!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Joys of Fall

The Scene; 6am, Alarm clock goes off. I complain in my head a few minutes, I complain outloud a few minutes and then I sit up.... SLAM..Headache of epic proportions and my nose stuffs up to go along with the misery of the headache.... Ah Fall, my favorite time of the year... Seriously, I really do love fall! Turning leaves in vibrant colors..Apples, Pumpkins, Baking!!! Whats not to love??
Let me tell you; People who know everyone in thier house is afflicted with some sort of illness, yet continue to invite you over!!! Everyone of us was somewhere this weekend that people were sick ( not "Achoo, I'm so sorry I must have picked up a cold")sick, but ( "Ahhh, I feel like death is approaching") sick!!! What is wrong with people? I truly believe there is a special place in hell for those of you who do this ( I am not naming names, you know if you are guilty!)You have a spot reserved right next to people who park thier cart in the middle of an isle and then walk 2 isles over to look for something & the people who cross in front of you while on the road and slowly stare you down as if to say "go ahead, hit me and see what happens!"...... Ok enough of that tirade for the morning ( 'm sure I will get back to it as soon as the illness works its way through the family!! (Don't say I have not warned you)
Well I am off to clean a new house...but have accomplished much since 6 am ( gave the headache some mega strength Meds with an Alegra chaser, Put dinner in the crock pot..MMM Ham & String beans, woke both boys up and gave them thier list of work till I get home and took time to bitch) I feel an inner peace building!!! Lets see how long it takes to ruin that for the day.....
I am sure I will have lots to report later.. Until then... I leave you with my picture of the day..

Monday, September 12, 2011

It has been a shameful day.....

Oh Lord please forgive me.....It has been a truely shameful day....
Oh my day started off normal enough, I got up with my DH and chatted befor he left for work, I had my cup of tea and reveled in the quiet I knew would not last.... And then it happened.... I caught myself alphabetizing my cookbooks!!  Did you hear what I said..ALPHABETIZING. MY. COOKBOOKS!!! OMG what is wrong with me???? Not mearly catagorizing them (they have always been that way) but actually thinking about whether I should list ones starting with "the" in the "T's" or by the next word in the title..... I seriously need some therapy on that one...
  And if that was not bad enough, I went on with the rest of my day ( went to clean 2 houses, came home to assist with some schoolwork, made dinner.. the usual) and I decided to step on the scale and realized I have managed to lose 8 pounds over the last 4 weeks (YEAH ME!!) don't ask me how, I eat anything that stops moving long enough, but how do I celebrate this momentous occassion???  Call a friend? NOPE..  Blog about it??? Not right away... I sat down and polished off a BIG piece of cake (vanilla w/fudge frosting YUM) and a bottle of Pepsi!!!   I Should be dialing a therapist as we speak... my mother would be soooooo ashamed.  OK well now that you all know my secret shame of the day, I can rest easier for confessing that one.
So until I do something else shameful..Don't worry, it shouldn't be long, I would'nt leave you suffer like that... I leave you with my picture of the day..

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gearing up for a Testosterone Filled Weekend

TGIF..... Not so much!!  Ok here it is Friday morning and I am gripped with fear over my weekend calendar.     Friday 8am-2pm  Two houses to clean (yeah, yeah I know I am not supposed to be doing all that physical labor anymore, but tell that to my bank account & empty pantry)
                  Friday 5-6 Prepare and to pick up and feed 4 more hungry teenage boys, besides my own 2 ( They are soooo having spaghetti and liking it)
                  Friday- Rest of the night, I will spend trying to retain the little bit of sanity & Estrogen I can muster as afore mentioned teenage boys ( All 6 of them) prepare to spend the night... It is my freinds birthday weekend and I promised they could all camp here ( Mass appriciation and much butt kissing can be inserted here)
                  Saturday- Fairly normal day of weekend chaos will ensue as I clean and prepare to swap the 6 teen boys for 6-12 Grown boys as it is our turn to host my husbands poker tournament!!! ( a special kind of hell all its own, but I love the guy so what can I say!!)
    Well that is the adgenda so far and if I survive, you will hear from me soon... Until then, I leave you with my new favorite picture I found....  Have a blessed day ( mke sure you bless someone else too...)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Lord has given me my mind back!!!

Oh it is a glorious day!!!!! After much struggle with the 15 year old, ( I am on the 2nd box of hair dye in 2 months...AHHH Long Live Ms. Clairol) I have come across something today that lit the bulb!!  I have discovered project based and business based learning. I know this is not a new concept by any means and many of you have been touting its benefits for years ( I am a little slow on the draw, so give me a break..!!), but it is the first time I have really looked at it. It is a marvelous thing!! The boys are getting weary of following the yellow brick road of learning, and were asking for something "less lame & less like work". I had to agree, as they were getting down right surly about the whole thing and I was getting a little on the mean side about the complaining ( Heil Hiler anyone????) If you have a surly teen ( Ha, I dare you to say you don't.. fibber..), they may benefit from this information... Please check out the site for YGuide Academy and you will find a lot of great info. They even give you 2 free lessons to see if you like them before committing to anything!! They are very reasonably priced as well, for as you know, I am the Queen of Cheap and would never steer you wrong.

I have been neglectful!!

I have to begin by saying "I am sorry!" I have been so neglectful lately & it has been troubling me all day!!
I have to confess, I have been a little down in the dumps and was a complete and utter waste of space the past 2 weeks, but things are looking up! I promise......"Sure you say, We've heard that before..." No really, I promise to write daily!!! No more company is scheduled until Thanksgiving and school is underway, so I have time to really sit down and reflect upon the day and impart my words of wisdom to you.... HAHAHA, I know you are laughing at that as hard as I am, but boy didn't it sound great!
Ok so pleasekeep checking back as I am updating the pages and adding links you might actually want to look at.  In the mean time...Keep it sane (or at least find a great place to hide the bodies!!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer is over... Where did it go???

OK, so let me start by saying I am sorry for neglecting you all weekend. It was a long a treacherous one! But life goes on right.. So here I am, realizing that school officially starts tomorrow, and I am relieved, yet panicked by this. Since we homeschool (and love it MOST of the time) school never technically begins or ends for us since our motto is "Life is School", but our new grading year begins and I realize several things...
1. I have no more babies (they are now 15 and 13)  2. They will both be on my car insurance in the next 2 years ( AAAAGGGGG) and 3. In 4 very short years, they will all be gone!!!!  How did this happen and where has the time gone!! 
  I have really given thought today about all of the things I am eager to teach them in these few short years and I realize that if we work on Loving them daily and providing them with the ability and tools to learn and the skills to be successful adults, God will help us with the rest!!
  Well, it has been a long day and Colonists and the Revelutionary War wait for no man.....or homeschooler! See you tomorrow...Keep Crazy

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This has been an experience

Ok this is a test and only a test. No animals or children have been harmed in the making of this blog..(well ok maybe one teeny tiny child but he will be fine in a few days).