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HELLOOOOOO...(can you hear Mrs. Doubtfire in there)  My name is Lisa and I will be very upfront with you, since I hope we will be spending lots of time together and become besties and all that jaz... I hope that no one is offended by anything I post, but at the same time, please know this blog is a reflection of my personality and lets face it...sometimes I am offensive, what are you going to do!! I may have a colorful vocab and sometimes my thoughts come out before my brain says  "wait for me", but I also promise to never kick a puppy and never to post pictures of any of my family naked..No one wants to see that anyway. So that being said...here goes, don't say I didn't warn you and if the shoe fits...buy it in every color and let your freak flag fly!

 Let me take a moment to stroll you through the asylum.... There is Me- Lisa- What can I say..I enjoy homeschooling & spending time with my teenage boys (surely a sign of a disturbed mind), I love to cook and read, I am completely obsessed with Pinterest and I can be quite snarky and consider that one of my best qualities. I technically work 4 jobs(long story) and I am not afraid to tell it like it is. I also deal with the challenges of Fibromyalgia and MS. I am not a whiner and you see that I find that laughter really is the best medicine. 

  Next comes my Loving Husband (Jay)- He is a hard working man who loves being a Firefighter and EMT but hates his boring old day job. He takes me for a ride on our Harley and out to breakfast every Sunday morning, and he puts up with my craziness daily. He still thinks I'm beautiful after 19 years of marriage and he enjoys my cooking...absolutely a keeper!!     

  My loving children OK, sometimes I refer to them as other things..but we will leave that for another time..My oldest and only daughter(Jaz), is an adult and is someday going to finish college and got married last year, so she added our Sucker-in-law (oops, son-in-law, Caleb) to the mix. They have also given us several furry grand cats and one grand dog......

The two boys are 18 (Dalton) and 16 (Brendon) respectively and are as opposite as night and day. One is busy making weird music videos with his friends and spends a LOT of time on the campus of UNCC, although never actually considers taking a class there.. and one is currently debating between becoming a professional ninja, a Mountain man, or running for the debate team while killing the squirrels in my back yard( I'll let you know how that one plays out). They are a never-ending source of entertainment around here and make sure I am always on my toes. We also have a large Belgium Shepherd named Sampson and various reptiles of the 4 legged kinds...All in all, we are a happy family and I hope you enjoy spending time with us.

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