Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Criss Cross Too much applesauce!!

I got up this morning with the intention of enjoying a relaxing, rain filled day! I don't know what the heck happened on the way to the kitchen at 7am, but here's how it went down....
I made a cup of tea...check
Started the boys on some lessons..Check
Threw a load of laundry in (Dalton finally removed his sheets..or they walked to the laundry room themselves to beg a cleaning??)..check
Walked to the kitchen counter and looked at the box (large box) that my neighbor so kindly gave me the other day. It is full of apples!!
Next thing I know there is a knife in my hand and I am boiling pint jars!!! Low and behold after several hours and one burned finger later...I have applesauce....ALOT of applesauce!!!!
Oh well, I guess tomorrow I will take some of it and make apple butter and maybe some applesauce bread....AGGG, someone stop me!!!

I have a terrible confession to know how some people get cabin fever..and people say "beware, the Ides of March" and stuff like that?? Well I suffer from "Feed them till thier fat" syndrome!!!
I hate to say "suffer", as I truly enjoy every minute of it, it is everyone else that suffers at my hands (my dough covered,sugar laden hands)
I tell myself that it is because I love to make people happy and food does that (well for most people)! But somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear a voice, faintly whispering, "If they are fat too, it's ok..Don't feel guilty that you ate that whole cake.. You made one for them too!!"
You see how sick that is??!!! Oh well, I guess I will leave that for another therapy session. For now I leave you with the picture of the day.. (oh by the way.. Digging the Sookie Novel

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