Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is almost here!

When I got up this morning and blearily looked out my kitchen window, while making my morning cup of tea, I saw them..... 6 Red leaves on my oak tree!!!! I got sooooo excited, I almost added salt instead of sugar to my tea!! Fall is approaching and I am so happy. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. Cool days, cooler nights, Apples ( got a big box on my counter and will be making applesaucce and pie filling tomorrow)Pumpkins!! Who could not love a time of year when God paints everything so pretty and allows us to have weather that dictates Jeans & flip flops ( no more shaving every day for shorts!! Hooray)
As a matter of fact, my day turned out pretty good..considering how crummy Sunday and Monday were ( oh let me tell you about the house I cleaned...EEEWWWWW!!!) I am working on the planning for an event in October that benefits the Breast cancer society, I have apples right from the trees, I organized my pictures, organized Jay's emails (they were driving me crazy) and didn't kill anyone when I went to Wal-mart!! Not bad for a tuesday. OH, I almost forgot the BEST PART..... I got the new Sookie Stackhouse Companion book at Wal-mart ( Yes Ladies, I am an extream fan of Sookie and recommend you give her a try, you will never be the same!! I also have a great affection for Betsy the Vampire Queen!! Love ya MJD)
Well I have cleaned up from dinner and it is movie night here at the Todd Household, so I will talk to everyone tomorrow... Tonight I have a movie to watch and a late night date with Sookie!! I leave you with the picture of the day!

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