Friday, September 9, 2011

Gearing up for a Testosterone Filled Weekend

TGIF..... Not so much!!  Ok here it is Friday morning and I am gripped with fear over my weekend calendar.     Friday 8am-2pm  Two houses to clean (yeah, yeah I know I am not supposed to be doing all that physical labor anymore, but tell that to my bank account & empty pantry)
                  Friday 5-6 Prepare and to pick up and feed 4 more hungry teenage boys, besides my own 2 ( They are soooo having spaghetti and liking it)
                  Friday- Rest of the night, I will spend trying to retain the little bit of sanity & Estrogen I can muster as afore mentioned teenage boys ( All 6 of them) prepare to spend the night... It is my freinds birthday weekend and I promised they could all camp here ( Mass appriciation and much butt kissing can be inserted here)
                  Saturday- Fairly normal day of weekend chaos will ensue as I clean and prepare to swap the 6 teen boys for 6-12 Grown boys as it is our turn to host my husbands poker tournament!!! ( a special kind of hell all its own, but I love the guy so what can I say!!)
    Well that is the adgenda so far and if I survive, you will hear from me soon... Until then, I leave you with my new favorite picture I found....  Have a blessed day ( mke sure you bless someone else too...)

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